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nullSnore Less and Sleep Better

Snoring not only ruins the sleep of the snorer, but all those within earshot as well. Lack of quality sleep can lead to irritability, depression, and accidents caused by poor judgment or dozing. Snoring can be a sign of greater health issues such as obesity and can lead over time to development of cardiovascular problems.

Snoring occurs due to a narrowing/closure of the airway. This can be due to tongue position, architecture of the roof of the mouth (hard and or soft palate), or constriction due to obesity/barrel chest. Snoring is often accompanied by apnea (breathing stoppages during sleep).

True apnea can only be determined by proper sleep study. The gasping breaths associated with some types of snoring are indications apnea is likely present. More severe cases of apnea are best treated with forced air from a CPAP machine.


Mild to moderate cases of apnea due to tongue position in back of throat can be effectively treated with intra oral appliances.


Snore Prevention DeviceFor mild cases of sleep apnea associated with snoring, we recommend the Silent Nite, EMA, or TAP 3 Elite snore prevention appliances. These devices can be fabricated from simple dental records and can free the snorer (and their mate) to enjoy a night of replenishing sleep.

Tongue Stabilizing DeviceWe also employ the AveoTSD tongue stabilization device, a simple, clinically proven treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea. It is not tooth borne and therefore can be used even by edentulous denture wearers. While no impression is necessary for this device it is still prescription only as limited by the FDA.

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