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Crowns (caps)

nullA crown, also known as a cap or jacket, is a complete covering of the tooth to restore it to proper form and function. Crowns are most often recommended for fractured teeth, teeth with very large unsupportive fillings, and teeth with larger areas of decay. The majority of the crowns we do in our office are made of tooth colored zirconium or porcelain. In special circumstances or by request, we also fabricate gold crowns.


nullVeneers are contact-thin porcelain facings that are placed on teeth to alter their esthetic appearance. They are used to mask unsightly discolorations, alter tooth shape and or position, and to close gaps between teeth. Veneers can be prep or no prep depending on esthetic demands and oral conditions. In many cases, we are able to bond veneers onto teeth with minimal or no preparation. No prep means no shots and no discomfort.

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